Ann Arbor Distribution
Ann Arbor Distribution

Warehouse Operations

Using the latest in processing and tracking technologies.

Our warehouses are designed with the equipment and tools required to make sure your freight is safe, managed, and arrives to your stores as scheduled. The following are some of the services we provide.

  • Drop and Hook Receiving
  • Inbound Scanning
  • Sorting by Store Codes
  • Stacking by Store and Route
  • Reporting of Overages, Shortages, and Damages (OS&D)
  • Processing of Out of Area, Duplicate and No Label Cartons
  • Outbound Integrity Scanning

Special Services

  • Freight Palletizing
  • Store Holds / Split Shipments
  • Reverse Logistics for returns, seasonal merchandise, and marketing materials
  • Live unload scheduling
  • Processing Parcel shipments

Our Warehouse Equipment

  • Extendable Conveyors
  • Motorized conveyor track
  • Multiple dock doors for loading & unloading
  • Switch horse and/or yard tractors
  • Fork lifts, pallet jacks, hand carts, etc.

Warehouse Technology

All of our warehouses use industry leading scanner technologies for processing inbound and outbound shipments. All packages are tracked from the time it enters our warehouse up until it is delivered.