Ann Arbor Distribution
Ann Arbor Distribution

About Ann Arbor Distribution

The nation's premier retail distribution service provider.

Ann Arbor Distribution is the nation's premier retail distribution service providers. We handle more than 13 major accounts servicing 54 different brands with deliveries to over 1,200 stores, including many specialty retailers with commodities such as textile, bath and beauty, general merchandise, and supply shipments. We continue to set the industry standards in such categories as:

  • On-time Delivery Compliance (99.7%+)
  • Accuracy
  • Claims Ratio
  • Scanning Compliance
  • Store Complaints
  • Consolidations
  • Reporting

Though our roots are in the Midwest, our strong commitment to excellence in customer service has fueled our growth across market boundaries. With 8 terminals to date, we are poised to maintain our role as the nations leading pool point distributor. We feel however, that our greatest accomplishments are the relationships of trust that we have built with our customers. We combine old-fashioned hard work with the latest warehouse, software and scanning technologies.

Our experience includes all aspects of distribution, such as:

  • Inbound Processing (store sorting, stacked or palletized)
  • Outbound Handling (integrity scanning by route and store)
  • Store Delivery (hand-cart or palletized deliveries to store fronts, strip malls, shopping malls, etc.)
  • Software Technologies (workflow and warehouse management)
  • Scanner Technologies (carton tracking, inventory, and POD)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (ASN, OS&D, Billing, etc.)

Awards Received

We have received several awards over the years from our customers including achievements in the following categories:
  • Carrier of the Year
  • Gold Standard for On-Time Performance
  • #1 Overall Carrier for Midwest
  • #1 Carrier for Accuracy